(Unless she is too young, in which case he is called a pedophile.) To older women, who are naturally irked by this behavior, or younger men who lose out to an older and invariably richer competitor, he might. The rest of the movie shows Wendy taking her revenge on her attackers one after the other and that part I pretty much fast-forwarded and skimmed. Maybe something like the soon to be released "Sirwiñakuy but the victim there is tormented by a total stranger. If that were the case we would be so rich right now that probably we would hire people to appear in forums. Overall, Kristi's interrogation is a first-rate gimp scene: three different bondage positions, a half dozen tortures, a naked, sweaty victim, and it goes on for almost fifteen minutes. Saturday, January 14th :00:36 PM Name: jhlipton E-mail address: Homepage URL: m/jhlipton/ Flintstone: I miss Youtied Do you miss it 5 per month's worth? As a kid I watched The Time Tunnel all the time, but of course, this one is much hotter. Although I feel the same way about The Safety Dance as I feel about Rio (the song, not the woman). That is such a hot story just on it's own.

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    But they were using Cogent communicatons servers out of Washington. I don't think anyone is trying to say it is right; sometimes it is just the best alternative. Greg Wednesday, January 4th :07:03 PM Name: A Canadian Homepage URL: t/reviews/ John Galt wrote: Boy, you just refuse to stop talking about Maleficarum, don't you? I don't remember the old car scene in the one version of the beginning and don't remember a speedboat in the second. Here's what IMDb says about it: Cecilia is raped. My sediments echo the top rated comment on the video: "Did you have to use such a hot girl for this? The battle is far from over, but momentum is on our side. Unfortunately, the wide audience never materialized; the film was a box office disappointment.

    blonde in favor of a tea break to celebrate getting the machine fixed. Sunday, January 22nd :19:00 AM Name: jhlipton E-mail address: Alex: what do you call a man who goes after younger women for sex - a "Dog"? Saturday, January 7th :17:15 PM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: YikYakker: That clip from South of Heaven looks very enticing. Seriously, if I were writing a review of the movie, it would read like a plagiarizing of your post. I lucked up on a collection of HOM images several years ago, and I'm thankful. Robert Monday, January 9th :38:01 PM Name: A Canadian Ralphus wrote: So why would a plot twist that happens 20 minutes or a half hour later ruin what you would have seen previously?

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    They have a terrible time with "Th" as in "thought" (then again most English speakers say "Fought" these days so I don't know why I torture them so, I guess my old school standards). Personally, I'm at the point where I get nervous going into the gimp archives. I recently made the same point. You know, where innocent, pretty girls with no tattoos have bad stuff done to them and they don't like. BTW, your name came up in Paul Krugman's column recently; as I came across it, my brain was compelled to do a brief reality check. I've added your review to the Reviews section at this link: m ZFX movies in need of reviews: I did a quick count and we have 82 ZFX movies with at least partial reviews. Elkcreek: Thanks for the story; there were a few typos, but I cleaned them up for you. Only, you know, slightly different and in most cases carefully sub-rosa.

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    I have also joined subscription sites in the past, but once again I have specific tastes in what I like, and I do not like just any model or just any bondage or bondage sex situation. I don't buy that many DVDs because honestly, there's not a lot out of material out there that I really want to see. Wednesday, January 11th :09:33 AM Name: Greg E-mail address: Just wanted to say, I started on the Fritz review and got sidetracked to the one he did on Mark of the Whip. Based solely on profits, I would say "Right!" Sunday, January 15th :11:07 AM Sunday, January 15th :22:26 AM Name: Ralphus E-mail address: jhlipton wrote: Sorry, Ralphus, but that doesn't make sense. I have also heard complaints about the end, but for me it was. And she no doubt still has. I'm not sure I agree. It's great having an opportunity to see some of the movie in motion.