Efforts are underway to recover a second Halifax bomber. The mid upper gunner claims one enemy aircraft destroyed. Bomber Command flew over 1250 sorties this night to various targets. The raids were successful. Some crews reported fires visible from 50 miles and heavy smoke visible 100 miles from target. Ground fog at base required all aircraft to divert to other bases on return. All were successful and return to base safely. The members of the crew that perished were buried there.

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    February 15: This was the first night of operational sorties for 420 Squadron in the Halifax III. The aircraft were bombed up with 1x2000 plus 12 clusters.14 (104x4lb). Defences were barrages of heavy flak bursting up to 24000 feet. The actual bomb crew debriefings are indicated in brown bold italic. Planes flew in "gaggle" with fighter cover. (BC-10; 6 Group-6) MZ502 "U" was shot down by a night fighter killing pilot B-Flight S/Ldr G Beall, nav F/ndrews, ba F/obison, wop F/oolley, ag Sgt W Stainton, ag P/oodall, ag W/O2 J Mohler and eng Sgt W Hickox. December 5: All aircraft were grounded in order for a throttle linkage improvement to be installed. Master Bomber's instructions were good as was the PFF work and the route. Pilot F/Lt DH Trickett, ba F/eron, nav F/L RE Knight, wop F/O EW Monk, muag Sgt J Sutherland, ag Sgt N Cushman, eng Sgt EW Walton, under gun Sgt HR Hebert. Some flak was encountered by some crews on route to target.

    were jettisoned. (Riegate) Had more buzz bombs last night and several at 6:30. Tholthorpe: December 13 to 22: Busy setting up the various sections. The Lancaster had a wing span of 102 feet and the total length was just over 69 feet.

    Broken cloud with sites de rencontres sérieuses site de rencontre gratuit pour quinquagenaire tops to 6000 feet. June 12: Fifteen on ops to attack Cambrai Junction. Tried to get back at. Finally got "A" back to normal. Many crews reported fires and explosions in target area. "A" came out this afternoon so salope musulmane uzwil will have a good go at it in the morning. More aircrews were sent for conversion. "J" got pranged by a tractor driver with a stand and I am a witness when he goes before the wing. Roman Catholic and Protestant church services were held. Bomber Command sent 324 bombers to attack Witten. One is in Canada flown out of the Hamilton, Ontario airport by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and is dedicated to the memory of P/O Andrew Mynarski. Crews reported good concentration of attack around TI's. One brought back bombs because it could not identify target as this was a target in France. The site was defended by heavy flak bursting to 10000 feet. Overall crews considered it a good raid. Takeoff was from 23:55 to 00:12. On tonight and it looks pretty busy night. It circled several times before the pilot, on a one way ride, aimed it straight down. Most versions were powered by four RR Merlin V 12 engines that produced 1,460. Due to refuelling night fighters were less numerous as the bombers returned to base. I was on duty. The target for Bomber Command's 304 aircraft this night was Le Mans. B-Flight "X" was a no starter so "F" went. Searchlights were operating but with little effect due to clouds. Two on cross-country training.

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    The battery was bombed from 10500 to 11000 feet at 03:50. Over 600 casualties were reported. Had DI's to do at night. Supplemental information, mostly from Middlebrook and Everitt (1990) and Dunmore and Carter (1991 and my comments are in green bold italic. All were to be out by 8 am and they took off by 11:30 which was surprising as it is still pretty foggy. LW380 "B" flown by F/O Johnston had equipment failure and aborted the mission. The Sixth Victory Loans are quite successful with many airmen signing. Takeoff time was 18:54. Target marking and bombing was accurate with good results. "X" and "N" early returns due to generator and engine malfunctions.

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