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    The sessions of the City Council are public. In 1919 a Communist Party was founded in Biel, but it remained a minor party in the city. In the last year of the war, the Swiss Party of Labour gained nine seats on the city council and ended the Social Democrat majority. 25 Business edit Rolex building in Biel/Bienne The city and its neighbourhood thrive on precision and micro mechanics, the conception and manufacture of highly specialised, production-oriented machinery and tools. 24,322 people were employed in the tertiary sector, with 2,267 businesses in this sector. For the surname, see.

    entering the municipality for every one leaving. Of the working population,.2 used public transportation to get to work, and.8 used a private car. For the first time in Biel/Bienne. Recherche escortes Trans et Girls Biel is the largest Swiss city in which German and French are equally spoken. One senses the relaxed mentality here resulting from the mixture of these two languages. In 2002, Biel was one of the four exhibition locations for expo. Un plan à trois est toujours bon.Le mari est consentant ;Tout l'interdit est mystéreux et par conséquent attirant.

    From the French invasion to modern Biel/Bienne edit Biel/Bienne in 1805, while part of the First French Republic The Volkshaus/Maison du Peuple (People's House) is a symbol of the Social Democratic era of the city in the 1930s The French. The next three most popular parties were the SVP (19.9 the Green Party (14.7) and the FDP (8.8). The Stadtbibliothek Biel, the BFH Technik und Informatik TI Biel che rencontre hommes celibataires ottawa and the BFH Architektur, Holz und Bau AHB Biel. 17 As of 2010,.1 of the population are resident foreign nationals. In 1815 Biel finally joined the Canton of Bern as part of the Oberamt of Nidau. Of the rest of the population, there were 613 members of an Orthodox church (or about.26 of the population there were 87 individuals (or about.18 of the population) who belonged to the Christian Catholic Church, and there. 16 International relations edit See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in Switzerland Biel/Bienne is twinned with: Demographics edit Population edit Apartments orte an denen man sex haben kann bienne and street market near the train station Small apartments in the M?sliquartier/Petit-Marais Biel/Bienne has. Contents History edit Prehistoric settlements edit Biel/Bienne in 1546 The shoreline of Lake Biel has been meilleur site de rencontres gratuit beauvais inhabited since at least the neolithic. 9 Of this area,.7 km2 (0.66 sq mi).0 is used for agricultural purposes, while.63 km2 (3.72 sq mi).4 is forested. Neuchâtel, Switzerland: Federal Statistical Office - FSO. Archived from the original on Retrieved The weather station elevation is 433 meters above sea level. Under Mayor Sigmund Wildermeth (17651847) Biel strictly followed every dictate from Paris. The largest strike was the journeymen carpenters strike of 1907, which lasted almost a year. In 1275 King of Germany Rudolph of Habsburg granted Biel a town charter. On 6 February 1798, French troops marched through the open city gate while the population celebrated their arrival. On the following day, it joined the newly created Verwaltungskreis Biel/Bienne. The remains of the settlements became the Vingelz / Hafen archaeological site, which is now part of a unesco World Heritage Site.

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    13 Le Conseil municipal of Biel/Bienne 13 Municipal Councillor ( Conseiller communal/ Conseill?re communale, Stadtrat/ Stadtr?tin) Party Head of Directorate ( Directeur/Directrice de, Direktor/Direktorin, since) of elected since Native language Erich Fehr CC 1 PS Mayor's Office ( mairie / Pr?sidialdirektion. Vingelz / Hafen is a prehistoric pile-dwelling (or stilt house) settlements that is part of the Prehistoric Pile dwellings around the Alps unesco World Heritage Site. Retrieved 17 September 2018. Two years later, in 1800, it went to the Département du Haut-Rhin. Place in Bern, Switzerland, biel/Bienne (official bilingual wording; German: bil ; French: bjn ; Italian : Bienna, Romansh : Bienna, Latin : Belna ) is a town and a municipality in the. Retrieved 17 November 2016. Until then, the city was officially named. The number of jobs in the primary sector was 43, of which 21 were in agriculture and 22 were in forestry or lumber production. When they conquered the Moutier valley and Erguel in 1797 it brought the French practically to the gates of Biel/Bienne.

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    Since, the official name has been "Biel/Bienne". Even though Biel remained nominally under the control of the Catholic Bishops of Basel, in 1528 it converted to the new Protestant faith. On 31 December 2009 Amtsbezirk Biel, the municipality's former district, was dissolved. A text excavation in 1998 found textile remains and a complete axe handle and blade. The number of jobs in the tertiary sector was 19,156. 24 The Vingelz / Hafen site is buried under mud near the shore of Lake Biel. 18 As of 2000, there were 19,980 people who were single and never married in the municipality. Biel is the German name for the town, Bienne its French counterpart. Retrieved 13 November 2017.

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    Libertinage var neuchâtel The current mandate period is from to 31 December 2020. By the 8th century, the German-speaking population became the majority on the east end of the lake. Finally in 1832 the Biel Amtsbezirk was created and Biel became the district capital.
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